Is the Luxmery Bodysuit Shapewear Worth the Buzz?

If you’ve spent any time scrolling on Tiktok recently you’re probably aware of the new viral bodysuit by Luxmery. We decided to try it out so you don’t have to!

In this article I will share my honest Luxmery Bodysuit review to help you with your buying decision. Stick with me, it will be worth it.

Does it Really Snatch You in?

I was actually quite surprised at just how much this thing actually snatches you in. I went down two full sizes in a matter of minutes! I even decided to try it on with an old pair of jeans that haven’t fit me in years and was nearly able to get them to fit.

The viral Luxmery Bodysuit is designed to highlight your body’s best features. It gives you classy, chic and alluring cool girl vibes. 

Time to embrace our curves girls, they are really beautiful!


I couldn’t decide between getting the Small or the Medium, so I decided to get both. According the sizing chart I would be a size ‘M’ but the reviews recommended sizing down, so I decided to go with both. I must admit both fit me quite well. The ‘S’ is better for that snatched look while the ‘M’ is more comfortable overall.

The Luxmery Bodysuit draws attention to your contours and delivers the best feeling. It looks small at first and it’s a bit hard to put on, but once you get it on oh lord it’s worth it!

Breathable And Comfortable

The material used to create this bodysuit is high quality and feels premium. The Luxmery Bodysuit is ideal for you if you usually wear a layering tank daily. It’s not as restricting as many old shapewear I tried. It is made of breathable fabric that belongs to your curves and can be worn daily relatively comfortably.

Still Brand-New

Believe me, when I say I wear it all night long when sleeping, eating, working, and binge-watching. I’ve been living in this since I entered hermit mode a few weeks ago. 

Even after several washing and hand-drying sessions, this Luxmery Bodysuit remains as new as the day I bought it. The elasticity, the color, and everything else is still surprisingly as if it were brand new.

What’s the catch?

Don’t get me wrong, all good things usually have cons. But for this one, I had to think long and hard. Well, one downside is that it’s not great for girls with a short torso as it might be too long for you. Among with this you need a good parner who take and buy generic androgel, It also only comes in 3 colors. I would love it if there were more, to give my wardrobe more styling options.

Wrapping Up

I don’t have much else to say really other than recommend you to try the Luxmery Bodysuit for yourself. They offer a 30 day money back guarantee so there’s really nothing to lose. Don’t miss out and hop on this trend right now since Luxmery has now made this viral bodysuit affordable. It looks great with any outfit and really compliments your curves.

Luxmery is a reputable shapewear brand that provides the highest quality bodysuits at affordable prices. Check their store for yourself, their bodysuits come in various sizes and colors.