Important Zipper Terms Everyone Should Know

If you are designing pieces that require zippers, it will always bea good idea to be familiar with the different zipper terms that are currently used in the zipper sales industry. This will not only makeit easier every time you work with zipper companies,but it will also give you serious insight into the unique world […]


Exclusive Gifts for Your Lady: Don’t Forget Your Anniversary This Time 

Men tend to forget their anniversary date. Well, women never forget about it. Women look forward to their marriage anniversary because that’s the day the couple gets to enjoy a candle-lit dinner, a fancy holiday, or simply exchange gifts.  It’s a special day because both of you exchanged vows and rings. Both of you promised […]


3 summer accessory must-haves

On the hot summer days when all you want is to wear the most comfortable and breathable dress or t-shirt that you own in order to protect yourself from the heat, it can be really hard to make yourself look stylish. As a result, there’s no better way of showing off your style during the […]


Why Should I Wear Polarized Sunglasses?

Sunglasses are an essential accessory for everyday use, providing an ideal mix of style and practicality. Sunglasses come in a wide range of styles, colors, lens options, and more, allowing you to choose a pair that works best for you. Over the years, polarized sunglasses have become the popular choice throughout the world due to […]


Top 5 Patriotic Gift Ideas for Republic Day

This Republic Day, while you and your family gather to watch the national parade with the states and armed forces spruced up to celebrate the nation’s pride, you might also want to make it extra special by adding a little gift for everyone at home. The pandemic has been raging for far too long now, […]


A Guide to the Best Way to Wear Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Over time, people are changing the way they wear hoodies and slim fit shirt. It is evident with the different apparel styles in a clothing store. The garments are more versatile, and you can wear them for various occasions. They are stylish and can suit every person’s preference or identity.  Finding the best outlook for […]


How To Spot A Shop That Sells The Perfect Hats

When sourcing a hat to buy, you will want to make sure that the hat you are buying is perfect. Getting the correct type of hat can be challenging, but getting a fantastic quality product is not impossible with a few things in mind. To get started, do your research well before hitting any store. […]


Best Keyboards For Tablets – Best Method For Selection

Tablets are the most sought-after electronic devices in the market these days. A tablet can be really helpful for both work-related and entertainment aspects. Its wide screen can provide a pleasurable movie viewing experience. But some customers can hardly work on their tablets owing to the non-availability of a solid keyboard in them. This problem […]


The ultimate guide to shop for Jacket Lehenga

The 90sand early 20s fashion made its mark again with the tremendous success of designer jacket lehenga love by women worldwide.  Remember Rani Mukherjee walking down the stairs in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham movie? She looked stunning in her designer lehenga. Slaying the dance floor, Rani Mukherjee didn’t shy away from the crowd.   Talking about […]


5 Tips in Taking Care of Your Delicate Necklaces

If you are the type who likes to collect jewellery, then proper care and storage is essential.  Fine jewellery, most especially, are quite expensive so we want to be able to make them last long enough.  We might be tempted to get a little bit carefree when attending to our jewellery, but these pieces need […]