Tips on choosing a gift for your boss

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as the new boss’ assistant. The hard part comes: figuring out what to get them for a gift. After all, no matter how much experience someone has in their field, it can be difficult to know what they’d like or need. But there are plenty of options for gifts that will […]


Hair-By-Hair Eyebrow Microblading: How It Is Done

When we talk about eyebrow tattooing, the image that forms in many people’s minds is that of actresses and models from the 2000s with eyebrows tattooed as an arched line. We want to eliminate this preconceived and wrong idea about eyebrow tattooing. The reality is that techniques have improved dramatically over the years, and we […]


Five No-Fail Rules for Alluring Lashes

It has often been said that the eyes are the window to the soul, so keeping those windows beautifully accessorized is essential to look fresh and attractive. Today’s fashion trends, such as lash extensions, focus more and more on maintaining stunning lashes that speak volumes regarding bright, open, gorgeous eyes. If you cannot afford extensions, […]


5 benefits of a custom-made suit

Before we explain the five benefits of a custom-made suit, let’s start by explaining what a custom-made suit is. A custom-made suit is also known as a bespoke suit, a very special piece of tailoring. It is an exclusive suit that is made for you only. The entire thing is crafted from your exact measurements […]


How Much is a Rolex Sky Dweller?

A Rolex Sky-Dweller is an exceptional watch with a unique design and sophisticated mechanics. This watch is designed for world travelers who need accurate timekeeping. It blends mechanical sophistication with user-friendliness and is available in several styles. If you’re looking for the most accurate timepiece available, the Rolex Sky-Dweller 42 is the watch for you. […]


Personalized Initials Hoodies are the Perfect Gym and Lounge Wear Items for Winter

A personalized initials hoodie is a unique gift idea for a loved one. A custom hoodie can be made using a family member’s favorite photo or even a photo collage. A custom hoodie with their initials on is a great way to showcase a person’s personality through their clothing. These hoodies make the perfect gift […]


Wearing Jewelry To Work: 5 Do’s & Don’ts

When it comes to jewelry, the workplace can be a tricky place to navigate. You might be tempted to wear that new diamond ring your husband gave you as an anniversary gift or the gold necklace or stainless steel cuff bracelet with your initials.  But what jewelry is appropriate for work? It’s important to remember […]