Tips on choosing a gift for your boss

Congratulations! You’ve been hired as the new boss’ assistant. The hard part comes: figuring out what to get them for a gift. After all, no matter how much experience someone has in their field, it can be difficult to know what they’d like or need. But there are plenty of options for gifts that will make your boss feel extra special.

Consider getting them something that shows off their personality.

If you know your boss has a hobby, like gardening or golfing, consider getting them something that shows off their personality. For example, if you know your boss enjoys reading and she has always wanted to learn ukulele but was afraid of it because there were no good books on learning how to play an instrument in her area, then get her a book about ukuleles and bind it together with a pretty bookmark in blue velvet or gold foil. This way, they can use the bookmark as they read their new book while also showing off their love for music!

Consider a more generic gift.

Suppose you don’t know your boss’ hobbies, no problem! Consider a more generic gift, like a coffee mug. You can get them in all shapes, sizes and colors, so there’s something for everyone on your boss’ list. And if they love to laugh or if they like to drink out of weird mugs—like this one with the face of Donald Trump printed on it—well, then we have just what they need!

You can even get these funny mugs at affordable prices. Who knows? Maybe your boss will never admit it, but he secretly loves seeing his name on things too!

Consider something small and thoughtful — but not too personal!

If you’re on a budget, consider something small and thoughtful — but not too personal! A gift card to the coffee shop where he likes to get his coffee is an easy choice that all will appreciate. It’s also great to show your boss how much he means to you while saving money.

They’ll love the nostalgia!

If you have office in-jokes with your boss, consider buying them something related. They’ll love the nostalgia!

While it may not be as obvious as some of the other suggestions on this list, a great way to show that you’re paying attention and listening is by buying a gift that has some connection with their current situation. For example:

  • If your boss just got promoted and now works at an even larger company than when she was working for you before (or vice versa), then maybe get them something from their old company so they can feel like they’re still connected with what brought them happiness when working there.
  • Or if they recently got married or divorced, give them something related, like a framed photo of their spouse’s graduation ceremony from high school or college graduation ceremony; these would be thoughtful gestures showing how much they care about their family members’ well-being!

Your boss will appreciate it if you cook their favorite meal.

If your boss is a foodie, they’ll love the thought you put into their favorite meal. Make sure you know what they like so that you can choose something from their repertoire. If they have a hard time making dinner, try making it in bulk and freezing it so that it’s easy for them to grab it when time is tight. You could also order out of town or local restaurants if your boss gets too busy at work!

Everyone appreciates flowers!

Flowers are a great way to gift for your boss, say thank you, show appreciation, or just let someone know you care. They’re also ideal for any occasion—whether your boss’s birthday or a wedding anniversary.

If you’re looking for flowers delivered directly to the office, consider picking up some locally grown blooms at an upscale market. You can even get them delivered by post! If your boss doesn’t live far away from where they work (or if they work remotely), try online flower delivery services.

Remember you don’t have to get your boss exactly what they want. It’s more about sending thoughtful gift that shows how much your relationship has grown over time. Remember, bosses, love getting gifts too! You can even help them save money if they’re buying everything themselves!