Chinese New Year gift-giving in 2022: a list of gifts (for friends, family, partners, loved ones)

As Chinese New Year approaches, I’m sure there are many of you who would like to give a gift to a friend who is far away in China. Therefore, I have decided to write a Chinese New Year gift-giving guide.

As you are not in the same country, gift giving becomes even more difficult. Fortunately, this problem has been solved with the advent of sammygift, whose main purpose is to send gifts to China. sammygift can deliver your gifts to your friends in China and at the same time give you more advice on gift giving.

As we all know, the Chinese New Year is a very important festival for China. This is certainly a good time to send gifts. (In fact, there is no fixed date for Chinese New Year, it is around February.) Once the timing is clear, we need to decide who to give the gift to.

For the elders

The first choice of gift for elders is a practical and common gift, followed by a gift that will bring health. I recommend giving elders household items that they can use in their daily lives, such as household appliances and household items. Your elders will be happy to receive a new massager, floor sweeper or even a new set of cutlery.

For partners

I can think of no better gift for partners than a variety of gift boxes. For the festive season, businesses offer a wide range of gift boxes, such as chocolate boxes, cosmetic boxes, wine boxes and so on.

However, if your partners are a team, it can be difficult to give a gift to each one of them. At this time I would recommend sending them a cake for a simple but delicious afternoon tea. if you want to send cake to China, sammygift is a great choice. sammygift can provide you with the gifts you want.

For lover

As you become more intimate, I suggest giving her a romantic gift. A bouquet of flowers, a scented gift box, a bottle of perfume are all good choices. All these gifts require you to know her/him well. If you can give a suitable gift, the other person will naturally feel whether you are usually paying attention.

In summary, if you want to give a special gift for a significant other, having expensive but distinctive wines and teas always at home may not be necessary and is generally a universal formula that will not go wrong. If the person is female, you can’t usually go wrong with accessories, silk and cashmere, pearls, perfume, a card and coin purse, skincare products and make-up. Hometown specialties should also generally be a standing option, and if you really don’t know what to send, send specialties. Gift wrapping is also a very important homework, the box should not be golden and not to lose its appearance. A gift is a gift of the heart, and a gift of the heart is a gift of the heart. This is the subtle connection between the human heart and the object.