5 benefits of a custom-made suit

Before we explain the five benefits of a custom-made suit, let’s start by explaining what a custom-made suit is. A custom-made suit is also known as a bespoke suit, a very special piece of tailoring. It is an exclusive suit that is made for you only. The entire thing is crafted from your exact measurements – over 35 measurements at The Tailory New York, to be precise – and your personal style preferences. While a custom-made suit won’t be cheap, there are enough pros to cover the cost. We’re going to list five benefits of having a custom-made suit below. 

1. It will fit you perfectly

Although you may have managed to find off-the-rack suits before, the fit of a custom-made suit will always be 1000 times better. It will sit neatly across your shoulders; the trousers will be the perfect length, and you will have complete freedom of movement. In addition, the suit will be designed to flaunt your best assets and conceal any areas you want to be covered.

2. It will be a lot less effort than searching for a ready-to-wear suit

Finding a good suit can take time and effort, especially when you have to search racks and racks of them in department stores. With a custom-made suit at The Tailory New York, your consultant can determine precisely the fit that you require and make it from scratch for you. This saves you time and effort compared to searching for a ready-made suit, trying lots on and then getting the best of a bad bunch tailored to fit.

3. You can pick a high-quality fabric from a wide range of house materials

When you have a custom-fit suit made for you by The Tailory New York, you get to choose your very favourite materials from our luxurious house range. We stock wool from Super 120s to Super 150s – sourced from several reputable Asian mills. We also carry super 110’s-Super 180s branded European wools, including Vitale Barberis, Loro Piana, Scabal, Dormeuil, Mazzoni, Policarpo and Escorial. Off-the-rack suits are usually mass-produced in factories from inexpensive polyester blends. Our consultants at The Tailory New York have expert knowledge of our house materials range and can advise you on what will suit you best.

4. You can stand out in your personalised suit

A custom-made suit is super personal, allowing you to step out in confidence, knowing that it fits you perfectly and no one else will be wearing it. Every pattern is digitally cut at The Tailory New York – we don’t believe in using standard template patterns. Our consultants will talk you through the measuring and design process and help you personalise each piece of the suit, should you wish to. They will also ensure that the suit meets your lifestyle requirements and assign you to a Pinterest board to help build ideas and inspiration.

5. Your custom-made suit will last for decades

Your custom-made suit is an investment purchase. Instead of purchasing an off-the-rail suit which you will likely discard or donate after a few wears, a custom-made suit will be constructed specifically for you. It will be made with the finest fabric to ensure durability and longevity and will last you a lifetime. Remember that we can alter the suit if you gain or lose weight.