Hawaiian Shirts Brings Tourists And Islanders Together

If you are planning a wardrobe update for summer then an appealing Hawaiian shirt is essential. It originated in Hawaii and is also called the Aloha shirt or vacation shirt. Aloha is not just a way to greet but much more. It is a way to express love and warmth. The Aloha shirt is derived from ‘Aloha Attire’. It is a dress code worn at events like weddings, birthday parties, etc. within the local community. It encompasses mummu [tropical printed loose-fitting dress] for women and aloha shirts for guys. 

The brightly colored island-theme custom made Aloha shirts display laid back lifestyle to the worldwide population. Nevertheless, in Hawaii, it is connected with Aloha – the spirit of mercy, love, and compassion. 

For decades, the Hawaiian shirts bold prints and relaxed fit embodies the clueless tourists, while enjoying the seashore or a cruise. It signifies that you are visiting [as a tourist], the destination does not matter! It even had its pop culture moments ranging from Elvis in the 60s to gun-wielding bad-asses in 83s Scarface and 90s True Romance. Aloha shirts are much easy to wear than in the 50s and 70s. 

Aloha shirts feature motifs like an ocean wave, native plants, and scenes associated with hula chants and Hawaiian legends. The custom made Hawaiian shirts represent the love and passion of the local community towards their island Hawaii. It is a wonderful island group located in the center of the Pacific. 

What to wear with a Hawaiian shirt?

Today, guys rock Hawaiian loose shirts with jeans & boots, swim trunks & sandals, as well as sneakers & chinos or casual suits. 

Hawaiin shirt is worn all across the world as it is designed in loose fabric. Wearers can either tuck in or out or even style with a vest or tee-shirts. It depends on the climate. 

Cotton and silk are the preferred fabrics to design Aloha shirts. In the 30s and 40s after Ellery Chun, a Chinese merchant designed the first vacation shirt; the Japanese influenced the market with silk material. Later on, rayon was used to make shirts in masses at the factory. So, today, you will find many fabrics including silk, cotton, and synthetic. You can choose the material of your choice. 

Who can wear Aloha shirts?

Anyone can wear Aloha shirts as they are available in an endless blend of prints, sizes, and colors. Not just for men but you can look for Hawaiian shirts for women.

Women can pair a Hawaiian shirt with biker shorts, crop top, and chunky sneakers. She can even throw it over a long-sleeved shirt and wide-leg jeans. She can even slip on skinny jeans and sneakers with an Aloha shirt. 

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