Use a Magnetic Fastener to Secure Your Bag

For the bags, pattern designers like to utilise a variety of fasteners. This lesson will teach you how to install magnetic snap fasteners for handbags such as the Girlfriends Bag.

Three sets snap magnets are used in the Girlfriends Bag. As seen in the photographs above, a pair happens to be found on each side of the bag to allow it to expand.

A pair can also be used as a snap closure on the flap at the top of the bag

You’ll need three ¾ -inch magnetic snaps to make the Girlfriends Bag. They are available at an online store as part of a hardware kit designed exclusively for the Girlfriends Bag. This bag also necessitates the use of foam stabiliser. The online business sells Bosal In-R-Form Sew-in Foam Stabilizer, but you may also make the bag with Annie’s Soft and Stable or Inn Control.

The Urban Computer Satchel, Around the Block Bag, and Essentials Tote are other bag patterns that feature snap closures. Hardware kits for those bags are also available at the magnetic snaps supplier.

Here’s how to use a magnetic fastening

You’ll need a pair of ¾ -inch magnetic snaps, a few scrap fabric, and some clear vinyl to experiment. It is also recommended that you use foam stabiliser to get a feel for how this works at the time building a bag.

Magnetic snaps come in sets of two washers and two halves. Take note that there happens to be a female and a male half. If you’re conservative, call them outsies and insies!

Prepare the location the place the snap will be placed

Cut two 4 1/2-inch squares of fabric and sew-in foam stabiliser to each piece, just as you would for the Girlfriends Bag.

Fabric Marking

Make a mark on both squares with a disposable marker marking the placement point.

Place one of the washers over the fabric mark. Mark the long slots on either side of the centre hole with a detachable marker.

Rep with the other fabric piece

Each component will have a dot with two lines marked on it.

Puncture the Material

There are two methods for puncturing the fabric. The thread of the fabric is not cut when using an awl. It is easier to snip along the two lines with sharp scissors, although it does cut the fabric.

Keep the Fabric Safe

Designers like to cut little 1 inch squares of clear vinyl to reduce wear and tear on the fabric from the magnet’s edges (like the stuff used to cover tablecloths).

Center them over the fabric’s indicated lines and trace those lines on the vinyl with a fine-point Sharpie marker.

Then, using sharp scissors, fold the vinyl in half and snip along the lines.

  • The vinyl is applied to the indicated area.
  • Place the Magnetic Snap in place.
  • Pass the snap through the perforations to the other side. You can utilise an outsie in this scenario.
  • Place the washer over the magnet’s back arms.

Then, using the ends of huge scissors or a pair of pliers, bend back the arms.

Lasting Details

Trim the vinyl away from the magnet’s borders so that only a little amount remains around it to protect the fabric from future wear and tear.

Use the Other Half

Repeat this method with an inside on the second fabric piece – this is sensible because it is the remaining half of the snap magnet pair!