Accurately measure the contour of your head

Have you ever noticed that the way your hair replacement system fits feels off? Do you get gaps, wrinkles, or any sort of overlapping? This might be because the contour measurement is not accurate. A contour measurement is the measurement of the perimeter or outline of the largest area on the head. An accurately measured contour is a significant factor as it can determine whether the hair replacement system wearer will have a good wearing experience or not.

Getting an accurate contour measurement is really important because it essentially give you a hair system perfect for the shape of your head. You will notice that once you measure the contour of your head, which is a separate measurement to the size of the wig hair system, the hairpiece will have a proper fit according to the curvature of your head.

Moreover, if the contour measurement is incorrect, it will be an uncomfortable fit for the wearer. For example, if the contour is too big, the wigs for men will have gaps and wrinkles. If it’s too small, you will notice bubbles at the top and it won’t fit smoothly onto your scalp. If you’re looking for a perfect fit, the contour measurement must be accurate and as a result, will fit nicely on your head without gaps or any overlapping.

Taking your contour measurements

Step 1

Ensure you don’t have a hair system attached on your head and that your scalp is clean for an easier and more accurate measurement process.

Raise your eyebrows as high as possible and locate the beginning of the hard cranial tissue on the center of your natural hairline.

Step 2

Position a cloth measuring tape halfway between your eyebrows and natural hairline, ideally the center of your forehead.

Ensure you securely hold down the measuring tape at the front on the center of your forehead and wrap the tape around your head and back to the center of your forehead. To get an accurate measurement, ensure that you go across the occipital bone – this is where your head curves out.

Step 3

After successfully wrapping the measurement tape back your head, take note of the measurement. Now that you know your measurement, you can notify your stylist or comfortably place your order for your next hairpiece with accurate contour measurements.

Measuring your contour is an easy process that often gets underlooked. Achieving an accurate contour measurement will help you have a great and better wearing experience.