Is Ahava Dead Sea Cosmetics Really Worth the Hype?

One of the companies that is known for their bath and body and skincare products is no other cosmetic company other than Ahava. The product comprises of natural botanicals and minerals from the dead sea. It is one such company that offers skincare for both women and men. Besides that, this is one such brand which makes sure that their cosmetics and its formulas are backed by science for assurance of quality. There are at present in Instagram 48.7 k followers of the Ahava. To know more about the Ahava continue reading. You will find amazing facts and stories here.

About Ziva Gilad & How Ahava is Founded –

One of the spa technicians Ziva Gilad looked at something unusual thing, on the shores of the dead sea that is Israel, there are women who would slather their skin with mud from the wet sands of the beach. After wards they would simply wash away the debris on the body and float on top of the salt water. So, people take home the mud with them. So, Ziva realized that the mud is enriched with healthy minerals. Next, she started her own skincare company in the New York.

Cosmetics of Ahava –

So, the Ahava cosmetics products and ingredients are sourced from dead sea directly. It is infused with a mix of black mud and white salt as the main foundation for their formulas. This is also known as their Ahava Osmoter. Besides that, the company is also known for lessening the footprint ecological with sustainable practises. For example, the water return process from their dead sea lab uses a flora to filter waste and give clean water for their desert home. Let’s look into some of the positive sides of the Ahava cosmetics and its products.

Online Quiz on Skin –

Various types of Ahava skincare, body and bath products that you can choose from comprises of moisturizers, creams, serums and cleansers. One of the best parts that you will know about the products of Ahava are that they are completely vegan, clean and tested for allergies and it comprises of all ingredients that are natural. It has positive reviews from customer world-wide. There is also an online skin care quiz which assists the customers in finding the right product. Plus, international shipping is also available.

Wide Range of Products –

Other best part that you will know about this brand is that it gives a wide range of products which suits the face, body and for bath time. Some of the products or all of the products are enriched with dead sea minerals, you will see the change as to how the earth derived extract changes your complexion and refreshes it. Some items are also available for men which ranges from ultra-nourishing lotion to mud mask. The products are infused with rich blend of calcium, potassium, magnesium.

Mineral Body Lotion –

One of the best products to use for its the mineral body lotion. You can use it for the skin that is itchy, dry and dull. It also has aloe vera and witch hazel formula with the mix of dead sea water and it hydrates the legs and arms and neckline and also softens the skin. The absorption is quick in the skin and there is no grease or stickly feeling. You can use their moisturizer product after shower or during the night. The mineral body lotion will cost you around $31.