Top 5 Patriotic Gift Ideas for Republic Day

This Republic Day, while you and your family gather to watch the national parade with the states and armed forces spruced up to celebrate the nation’s pride, you might also want to make it extra special by adding a little gift for everyone at home.

The pandemic has been raging for far too long now, and we’re all stuck at home – history repeats itself? So, going out and meeting friends and relatives might not be a wise idea. So, what you can do instead is snuggle up with your family, kids, or pets and put on the Republic Day Parade. Go the extra mile by surprising everyone with a thoughtful gift and go to sleep with a joyful heart!  

From customized t-shirts and autobiographies to ladies’ and men’s watches online, there are a host of gift ideas that you can choose from, this Republic Day. Fret not; we’ve done the research for you already! 

Wings of Fire – Dr. Abdul Kalam’s Autobiography

Republic Day offers the perfect opportunity to give the book lovers the autobiography of the former President, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. This book is inspirational and will invoke a sense of sheer dedication and hard work that is imperative to success. The autobiography of the visionary scientist showcases his life experiences and personal moments that made him who he is. So, use this day to give this book to your loved ones. 

Indian history books or books on Indian Heroes

Just like our former President’s autobiography, you can get your hands on some autobiographies by other Indian heroes. Fitting books for this occasion include India after Gandhi, The Argumentative Indian, The Discovery of India, The Last Mughal, and other informative and inspiring books.  


A gift for every occasion, these green bundles of joy can brighten up any room. Plants are symbolic of well-being and good health and can put a smile on anyone’s face. The best thing about plants is that they have one for every occasion and the ‘Song of India‘ plant is perfect for this day. These plants freshen your space and are one of the top air-purifying plants to have in the house. 

A Timex watch 

These timepieces make excellent gifts for any occasion. The best thing about Timex timepieces is their incredible collection of affordable and durable women’s and men’s watches online and offline. If you are up for some online wrist watch shopping in India, go to the Timex website and pick one for your family or yourself! Timex has a watch for every personality type. If your kids are into tech, they might love the Timex Fitness Band. 

You can buy chic and fashionable bracelet watches or opt for Timex smartwatches. The bottom line is that Timex has a timepiece for everyone, no matter the vibe, style statement, or look you want. 

Indian flag stand  

No national festival is complete without the tri-coloured National Flag. The celebration on Republic Day begins with the President unfurling the flag. Giving flags as gifts is also a great way to arouse a feeling of pride and nationalism. 

In place of the above-suggested gifts, you can also choose to go old-school by adding a collection of patriotic songs on a pen drive and giving it as gifts – they could act as great motivators. Listening to Vande Mataram can give goosebumps to anyone, especially when it’s 26th January! 

Life is all about rejoicing and bringing joy to our near and dear ones whenever we can. Let’s use 26th January as another day to celebrate with friends and family and bring a smile to their faces with these patriotic and thoughtful gifting gestures.