The best products to keep your hair extensions looking flawless!

Human hair extensions deserve all the care and attention they can get so you’ll be able to use them for a long time. Their longevity and looks depend on how you treat them and much like an expensive silk blouse, they demand the utmost care. Buying any good quality, premium human hair extension is not cheap, so why not take care and protect your investment by opting for the best products for hair extensions? These products will make sure that your extensions stay lustrous, smooth and shiny like new for a long time!

Here are some tips on getting the best products suitable for your human hair extensions.

Why should I put so much thought into choosing hair products for my extensions?

As the hair extensions are not getting any nutrition or lubrication from the natural oils produced by the scalp, they might get dry and brittle with time. To prevent this, you need to use products that not only clean the extensions thoroughly but also nourish them to some extent. Much like your own natural hair.

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How do I choose the right hair products for hair extensions?

  • The best products for hair extensions must contain ingredients like argan, castor or coconut oil as the oil base is very beneficial to bringing the moisture back to the hair extensions.
  • Ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, ethanol and propanol in hair products might make them frizzy, dried out and deteriorate the hair extensions.
  • Make sure to ideally use products designed for hairpieces such as wigs, toupees, hair toppers and human hair extensions.
  1. Best shampoo for hair extensions

Make sure the shampoo you are using is free of sulfates, salts, and drying alcohols such as the PROGEN Shampoo. A big win would be the presence of an oil base in the shampoo that would provide moisturizing factors. If you have color-treated your extensions, make sure you opt for a shampoo that is specially formulated for color-treated hair.

  1. Best conditioner for hair extensions

Whether you’re using halo human hair extensions or clip in hair extensions, any conditioner you opt to use for your hair extensions should be “bad” alcohol-free, sulfate-free, and paraben-free and should be suitable for all hair types. The conditioner should have ingredients that detangle the extension hair while providing it with moisture, softness, and revival. It must be formulated especially for colored hair if you have color-treated your extensions so the color does not get washed away. Conditioners must bring the luster of the extensions out and fix any damage like brittleness and drying out encountered by  hair extensions.

  1. Best hair mask for hair extensions

Although this product is not necessary if you want to give a luxurious treatment to your hair extensions, we suggest going an extra step and applying a good, hydrating, and moisturizing hair mask. This will not only extend their lifespan, but also keep your human hair extensions even more hydrated and moisturized. You should apply the hair mask after shampooing to still-damp hair, let it soak for 15 minutes and then wash it off thoroughly. This is going to give you the best results and take your hair extension game up a notch.

Make sure the mask you are using contains a good moisturizing oil so the hair can get smooth and frizz-free. Also, make sure to read the ingredients and get a hair mask that is free of paraben, sulfate and formaldehyde, as they damage the hair whether it’s your natural hair or human hair extensions.

If the mask is organic, natural and formulated for dye-treated hair, that is the best thing for your hair extensions.

  1. Best heat protectant for hair extensions

You can curl or straighten your human hair extensions as you like, as long as you are taking precautionary steps to protect your extension hair from all the damage heat styling might be doing to your hair. Using a heat protectant is a must if you want to keep styling your hair extension without permanently damaging them.

Like all the hair care products mentioned, the protectant should contain oil that might help to repair dry, brittle hair. The product should be free of hair damaging ingredients and help protect the extensions as well as natural hair from the heat given while styling.

Be very careful while choosing hair care products for natural hair as well as hair extensions as their longevity and health depend on the ingredients we feed them.


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