Electric Shaving Machines: What to Consider Before Buying One

Electric shaving machines offer an easy and convenient alternative for shaving than razors. The good news is that these gadgets come with various amazing features such as sonic vibration, chilling heads, shaving sensors and shaving heads. Shaving sensors help you determine distinctions in your hair density, thus allowing you to modify the strength appropriately. Such features make shaving stress-free even in the pubic areas, and you will not have to deal with the annoying razor bumps. Click here to find the best balls trimmer for a clean and effortless shave. 

Typically, electric shavers differ in various ways. So, how do I make the right selection? Here is what you need to consider before buying your electric shaving machine.  

Dry Versus Wet

One of the key considerations you need to make when buying your electric shaving machine is dry vs wet shaving. Usually, dry shaving is clean and faster compared to wet shaving, thus highly preferred by most men. This is because the machine offers the convenience and speed every man wants. 

On the other hand, some electric shavers can be used wet with shaving foam or gel. One can also use them in the shower, though this is not encouraged. 

Rotary Vs Foil

Electric shavers come in two classifications: foil and rotary. A foil shaver basically consists of a thin and curved metal foil covering the cutting blade. The foil glides over your skin contours, allowing the blade to stubble while it pokes through the perforated foil. Foil shavers are an excellent option for people with short and thin hair that need to be managed daily. Also, these shavers are less harsh on the skin, thus perfect for men with sensitive skin. 

On the other hand, rotary shavers include about three or four heads. These round heads move effortlessly in a circular motion, allowing cutters to spin on your skin as they cut the hair. These shavers are most suitable for men who have longer stubble and do not need to shave daily. Additionally, rotary shavers are ideal for men with tougher skin and medium to coarse beard density.  


There are numerous brands that exist in the market when it comes to shaving machines. While this is a good thing, it can also be challenging for one to make a selection. You definitely want to make a good selection since this is something that will affect your appearance. Therefore, you must ensure you get your electric shaver from a reputable brand for a smooth shave and maximum efficiency. Consider what works for you as an individual as opposed to what is hyped in the market. 


It would help if you also considered the cost of your electric shaver before you acquired one. Usually, good quality shavers tend to be more expensive. However, note that highly-priced machines do not always guarantee quality. For this reason, you must also check the brand and quality of your electric shaving machine before making a purchase. This way, you can be sure to get a device that will guarantee you maximum functionality and durability as well.