A Detailed Guide on the PRP Hair Restoration Technique: Are you the Right Candidate? 

When someone starts losing hair strands, that’s known as hair fall. But, when the fallen hair isn’t replaced by new ones, that is known as hair loss. Shampoos and hair masks can help with hair fall, but they can’t help with hair loss. The dermatological technique that can reverse hair loss is known as the PRP hair restoration technique. 

PRP is a wonderful technique where the platelets of the patient are used to regenerate lost hair strands. Here’s what you need to know though – hair restoration techniques offer results when hair follicles aren’t extinct. If you’re already bald, no technique can bring back a follicle that does not exist anymore. So, to be precise, the quicker you start the treatment, the better are the chances that your hair will regrow. 

That said, let’s now help you understand what PRP is and why it is the best option that most dermatologists recommend. 

PRP is an abbreviation used for platelet-rich plasma. The blood of the patient is centrifuged for 10 minutes to separate platelets from the other compounds in the blood. The platelet-rich plasma that’s obtained at the end is injected into the scalp or the patient. 

The plasma is inserted in the patches that are losing hair. The platelets in the plasma have growth factors that increase the formation of new hair follicles; hence, new hair strands. The reasons that this treatment is mostly suggested are as follows.

  1. It’s a non-invasive treatment. 
  2. It’s done within just 30 minutes. 
  3. You won’t feel much discomfort. Nothing that you can’t manage. 
  4. There’s no need for anesthesia. 

Now comes the time to address the elephant in the room – is PRP as effective as people claim it is? And the answer to this question is, yes. 

PRP is known as liquid gold because it’s a natural substance of the body.  There are no side effects and nothing artificial is being injected. When it is performed in tandem with a laser session like Erbium Yag laser, the results are beyond what one expects. The hair completely comes back. 

Doctors might also use injections of vitamins and antioxidants instead of a laser, or a combination of PRP, laser, and vitamin injections. The best course of treatment is decided after the doctors examine you physically.  

You’re the right candidate for the treatment if you haven’t gone bald. Once you’re bald, the extinct hair follicles cannot regrow. To sum up, you should consult a very good doctor like the ones at the Clinique Anti Aging clinic to get a proper evaluation of your candidacy.