Merino wool: what is it, what to invest in, and how to take care of it

One of the greatest fibers now available on the market, Merino wool is constantly growing in popularity. From designer homes to regular wearers, Merino is highly appreciated as a durable, versatile, and simply elegant fabric. But what exactly makes it so unique, and is it worth the investment? Let’s find out.

Merino wool is a natural fiber obtained from the Merino sheep. What makes Merino different from regular wool is that it is much thinner and softer, which makes it easier and more comfortable to wear to skin. It is for a good reason that Merino wool is the most beloved fabric of the travelers, as it is known for its multiple benefits: it is water and odor repellent, breathable, more lightweight than the regular wool, it has natural antibacterial and anti-viral properties, as well as a UV protection.

The most beloved wool items that are worth the investment are obviously sweaters. In the last few years, Irish designed sweaters made of Merino wool as these grew in popularity, becoming one of the trendiest garments to have in your wardrobe. They don’t only look beautiful and elegant, but are also durable, versatile, and if correctly taken care of, can last up to a few decades, which makes it one of the best investments to make. Other garments to invest in are cardigans, vests, dresses, as well as thinner clothing such as t-shirts, long sleeve tops, and underlayers for professional winter sports.

When it comes to taking care of Merino wool, it is less pretentious than regular wool, but still requires extra attention. The best way to clean your garment is to turn them inside out, and either machine-wash it on the gentle cycle or hand wash it in cold or lukewarm water with a delicate detergent made especially for wool. Don’t use any bleach, regular detergent, or fabric softener, as they will destroy the thin Merino fibers, and never dry it in the drying machine, as it will cause the garment to shrink and lose its original form. Air dry it by laying it on a flat surface, and by cleaning it this way your Merino wool garment will last you a lifetime. Another cleaning technique to know about is “dry-washing”. Some natural fibers can self cleanse, and Merino is one of them. If you feel like your garment needs a bit of refreshment but you don’t want to wash it the regular way, simply hang it outside, preferably in a windy area, and let it there for a few hours. The fresh find will clean the garment, leaving it as good as new.

To sum up, Merino wool is a totally unique fabric, perfect for many occasions from going on a walk to going hiking. Suitable for both winter and summertime, it makes a perfect investment for your wardrobe regardless of your age, lifestyle, or occupation.