What are name labels?

In terms of product appearance and use, a name label is a sticker. The name is printed or written on the sticker, and then pasted on the items that need to be pasted to distinguish daily necessities or as signature materials.

A name label that can be affixed to clothing and is a must-have for moms, schools and nursing homes or the workplace.

About name labels

In daily life and work, we encounter many things that need to be differentiated and classified. Such as clothes, uniforms, supplies, tableware, gift boxes, storage boxes, etc. How to sort these items quickly and efficiently can save time and cost. Well, at this time, name labels are very much needed to help you. However, the field of name labels is vast and has different product needs in different use cases. For example, clothes need name labels that can be washed in washers and dryers. The kid’s name label needs to be safe and the notebook or other occasion needs to be cool. This article is a professional article on name labels, especially name labels for clothes.

name label stickers can be used where there is a need to differentiate everyday items. Designer stickers for home, school and nursing homes.

For families, how to differentiate a child’s belongings is a time-consuming task.

How to differentiate and classify student supplies is a tough job for schools.

For nursing homes, how to make medicines, daily necessities, and clothing clear is not an easy task.

Among these solutions, personalized name labels play an important role in saving people time and money. In general, name label stickers can often be printed and written directly on them, and peeling and applying is quick and easy. Usually name label stickers need to be waterproof, tear-resistant, and abrasion-resistant. Brand stickers can be attached to mobile phones, books, tea cups, notebooks, school bags, clothes, shoes, water cups, bicycles and other items to facilitate identification and classification of items. Sticky name labels are beautiful and creative, cool and personal.