A Guide to the Best Way to Wear Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Over time, people are changing the way they wear hoodies and slim fit shirt. It is evident with the different apparel styles in a clothing store. The garments are more versatile, and you can wear them for various occasions. They are stylish and can suit every person’s preference or identity. 

Finding the best outlook for the clothes you wear is essential. However, with Pitt sweatshirts & hoodie varieties, it can be challenging to know what is best for your wardrobe. Do not worry as we will help you know how to wear the apparel and what would match well with them. Read on for more insights.

A Sweatshirt and Hoodie Dress Up

Although most people do not know how to dress up in hoodies or sweatshirts, the apparel is fashionable in a casual setting. Still, the clothes are ideal for a professional outlook, and they are comfortable items. You can express yourself with the garments and portray your sense of style with your choice. Here are tips to help you with sweatshirt and hoodie dress up;

Wear in Layers

The Upper Garments

You can layer the top when wearing a sweatshirt or hoodie. A round neck or plain sweatshirt is suitable for layering. The outlook can be favorable for the cold season. Alternatively, you can consider a hoodie with graphics. A leather jacket can complement the appearance as you can unzip the apparel to reveal the art on the hoodie. Still, you can wear a collared shirt underneath the sweatshirt. The casual outlook is still fashionable in the modern setting.

Wearing a blazer on top of a sweatshirt rock. You can wear a t-shirt underneath the hoodie. The style allows you to have different colors to complement the outlook. It is ideal when going for an event where people wear jackets, but you still want to be casual and comfortable. 

The Lower Garments

The garments you wear at the bottom are vital if you want to get the best out of your hoodie or sweatshirts. Jeans are a popular choice. You can select boot-cut, straight-cut, or skinny jeans because they will match well with the upper layering. If you are wearing a bright sweatshirt or hoodie on the top, you can consider dark-colored jeans for the bottom. Still, you can wear khaki with the apparel. Shorts are ideal for the summer.

Loafers can complement the overall sweatshirt or hoodie outlook. The shoes are acceptable in a casual and professional setting. However, it would be best to consider the texture to match the setting.


Wearing accessories will complete your look. However, it is critical to keep it simple and avoid overdoing the accessories as it will be a cliché. Watches are suitable options in this case, but you should select unsophisticated ones. The band and face should be simple. 

Accessories should not take all the attention in your style but complete the outlook. Hats and sunglasses can work too. Select the accessories depending on your style and preference. However, ensure the items blend with the apparel you are wearing.