Hair Colours for Men – Amp up your look

Who said hair colours are only for women? Well, no! Hair colours can be tried by men as well. Ranging from warm hues to funky shades, there are a lot of best hair colours for men to try that we will discuss later in this article.

So, what is the importance of hair colours and why do we need them? Well, everybody, some time or the other gets bored with their natural look. They look for something exciting that can transform their look entirely. This is what hair colours do. Hair colours are capable of transforming your look from head to toe without taking in much effort. Whether you go for a permanent dye, a semi-permanent dye, or a temporary dye, there are a lot of colours for you to choose from.

Hair colour is like a replacement, a break from the dull, tired, and boring hair and life! When we transform our look, we feel confident and happy within. But to feel that way, we need to choose the right shades that go with our skin tone. We understand that you might have some colour options in your mind but you need to determine your undertone and skin tone before going for them. If you pick the wrong shade, your entire look and personality will go downhill. Thus, it is essential to pick the correct shade. But how to do it?

Well, there are simple tests to determine your skin tone and undertone. The best and most convenient test is to look at your veins. Examine your veins closely. If you have green-coloured veins, this means that you have a warm skin tone. Similarly, if you have blue-coloured veins, then you have a cool skin tone. If you are not able to decide the colour, then this means that you have a neutral skin tone. Once you know your skin tone, selecting colours is an easy task.

For instance, with a warm skin tone, shades like brown, caramel, mahogany, etc., will look good. With a cool skin tone, shades like purple, red, burgundy, etc., will look good. If you have a neutral skin tone, then you can try any shade you wish to. There is a whole list of colours to choose from. Ask your hairstylist for the same. Now that you know the importance of hair shades and how to find the correct colour for you, it’s now time to look at some hair colours that are a must-try this season! Have a look!

Best Hair Colours for Men – Top Hair Shades

Getting a hair shade that matches your skin tone is extremely important. Not just skin tone, but the hair colour you select must match your undertone, eye colour, and most importantly, your personality. Once you select the right shade, the next thing to determine is how you want the hair colour. There are certain techniques of hair colouring like balayage, highlights, global hair colour, etc. Ask your hairstylist about the techniques as well. For now, let us look at the shades that you must try.

  1. Dark Blonde Hair Shade

Give your hair a neutral look with this hair shade. Dark blonde hair colour is a great shade that looks amazing with short hair on the sides and slightly longer at the top. Guys with fair complexion must definitely try out this shade. Also, if you have dark brown eyes, then this hair shade will make them stand out. The ideal texture for this hair shade is medium. Try out this shade to create the necessary warmth that you wish to have in your hair.

  1. Chocolate Brown Hair Shade

This hair colour is dreamy! The chocolate brown shade blends effortlessly with your black hair and gives it a rich and luxurious look. This particular hair colour looks amazing on every skin tone. To pull off this shade, the hair texture should be thick, i.e., you must have voluminous and thick hair. You can also use a thickening serum to make this hair shade look voluminous and rich. This shade adds depth and dimension to your hair, thereby enhancing your complexion and eye colour. Try out this warm and trendy hair shade that is bound to make everyone a fan of you!

  1. Warm Medium Brown Hair Shade

Caramel tones fused with brown shade give you warm medium hair colour. This is an absolutely stunning shade that adds texture and dimension to your locks. Warm tones such as caramel blended with brown and copper tones provide you with great hair colour. They look amazing with neutral and warm skin tones. This hair colour also stands out against hazel/ blue eyes. Warm medium brown is a versatile shade that wears off or fades from your hair with grace. You will see various hues of brown while it wears off. Try this shade now!

  1. Bright Copper Hair Shade

If you have long hair or layered cut hair, then you should try out this shade. Bright copper hair shade complements your layered hair. Well, to be honest, this hair shade is for daring men who are willing to experiment with any and every look. This shade works best on men having medium complexion with warm undertones. Men with fair complexion can also pull off this hair colour look. If you dare, try out this shade and add texture, depth, and dimension to your hair. Let your hair loose (men having long hair) so that the hair colour is evident.

  1. Dark Red Hair Shade

Keep it cool with this hair shade. Red hair looks amazing with short, close-cropped hair. Leave the centre hair a bit long so that the colour is visible. Red hair shade blends with your hair and works best with fair complexions. For this hair colour, you need to have a thick and medium hair texture because they will serve as a great base for a super short haircut. If you are not sure which tone of red to go for, ask your hair colourist. He will guide you the best shade of red according to your skin tone. You can also try this shade with a blend of other shades as well like copper, brown, black, etc. Find your best shade and go for red hair colour.

  1. Golden Blonde Hair Shade

Warm things up with a warm golden blonde shade! Get an angled fauxhawk hairstyle done with this hair shade. Gold doesn’t have to be in jewellery! It can also be in hair colour! This hair shade complements your fair complexion and enhances your eye colour. Light eye colour is a deadly combination with this hair shade. Try out this hair colour and set a trend wherever you go.

So, these are some of the best hair colours for men. These hair shades are warm and suit fair and medium complexions. Hair colours enhance your overall appearance and make your look absolutely stunning. Also, if you wish to go for hair colouring, you must use natural hair dyes. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is infused with Amla, Shikaki, Reetha, etc., which minimises hair damage and boosts hair growth. They add colour and protect your hair from free radicals. Thus, give your hair colour and care with this dye. Try out these amazing shades and tell us which shade you liked the most!