5 Great Tips for Attending a Comic Event

Summer is just around the corner. Although San Diego is popular for world-class restaurants, sunshine, beaches, and breweries, there is one event that draws more die-hand fans and geeks than the modern Hot Toys collectible – Comic-Con.

Every year, many people attend a comic event for the first time, and they have no idea how they can make everything fun and survive while there. So to cut the chase, the following tips you can consider when attending a comic event:

  1. Plan Ahead

Comic events are normally announced ahead of time with a schedule, and guest updates are usually planned several months before.

Social media is a perfect way to be updated as certain websites might not always be current. Similarly, physical convention programs might as well be missing the new changes since they are often printed a month earlier.

Based on how big the event is, there can be things to carry, like Darth Vader lightsaber, and at times, a lot to do. Have a list of things to carry and do, and let it guide you through planning everything ahead.

  1. Carry Cash

This is an imperative part of attending a comic event. Some events can be cash-only, so carrying cash will be necessary.

Plus, some ATMs might not be accessible, and if they are, the charges can be hefty. In addition to that, many vendors will only be accepting cash, not credit cards via square reader.

  1. Go with Your Buddies

At times, it might be hard to cosplay alone, particularly when you are attending the event for the first time. However, no one said to cosplay alone.

Ask some of your buddies to accompany you to the event. Whether they are non-cosplay buddies who will just be there to give you a hand or cosplay friends, having someone at hand may alleviate a lot of cosplaying pain.

  1. Be Read to Wait

In most conventions, you must learn to be patient as they involve a lot of waiting. You will not just wait in line. You will also have to wait for the crowd to thin and for the panel to get started.

Experienced goes might be able to pick out some newbies depending on how much they complain regarding waiting a lot.

But here is the thing. No one enjoys standing in a line for more than two hours to have an opportunity of catching the Marvel panel. So you might want to carry your headphone or a book to keep you busy.

  1. Keep Your Feet Protected

You are going to spend almost half a day at the conference standing. Plus, the panels will not be located near each other.

That means your feet will likely get hurt. In that case, you will require comfortable shoes with shock absorption, padding, and arch support.

Final Say!

Whether you are a tech nerd, gamer, cosplay fan, or comic book geek, there are many experiences at a comic event to suit all tastes and interests.

If you are attending a comic event for the first time, you might want to have someone accompany you, wear comfortable shoes, carry cash, and learn how to be patient.